Part One of a Three-Part Series

The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Social Media

First 30 Days – Begin Your Social Networking

Facebook and LinkedIn should be your first steps into the world of social networking. They are both highly trafficked, secure and well known networks. With more than 30% of online Americans between the ages of 25 – 65 as part of a social network, we have already established the need and benefits of exploring these platforms. What we haven’t necessarily talked about is HOW to get involved, WHAT to share and WHO is providing the key information needed here. To begin with, these are two similar (but incredibly different) networks you should make sure you not only have profiles on, but update and contribute to often.


What is it?

Facebook is an online class reunion minus the ex-boyfriends, social awkwardism and frantic work-out routine prior to attending.

Facebook serves as a wonderful place to highlight your individuality–be it with photos, videos, links or anecdotes. It’s a place to connect with current friends and long-lost classmates. It also allows your clients a chance to become involved with your life outside of the real estate world, and share similar interests. In addition, Facebook has an incredible platform of “groups” where you can learn, collaborate and grow your professional referral sphere.

What to Share?

This is a common question asked by many getting into social networking as a professional. Where your goal is to allow for personal connection and interest sharing, this is still a public profile. There are a number of excellent security settings available that will limit the amount of personal data shared with the Facebook community. This will keep those incriminating college photos from finding their way into the news feed of your current clients.

Remember: People are not going to Facebook to search for real estate. They might be interested in it, want to know about the market, but they are here for enjoyment.


Make sure when creating your profile to include all past schools, colleges and places you have lived in the past. This will make you “searchable” by others you might have known in the past, or those with whom you simply share a common interest. You can also allow Facebook to scan your online address book and make recommendations for “friends” to connect with by e-mail address.

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