Online Designation Courses

We are excited to provide new online designation courses. Learn the skills for a variety of different niche markets. From Short Sales to Luxury Homes we have the course for you - and you won't have to even leave your house!

Certified Short-Sale Professional (CSP)

The housing market is different. Gone are the days when anyone could get financing for a home. People who may have over-extended themselves now need help. This creates a tremendous opportunity and responsibility for real estate agents who understand the “ins and outs” of the short sale process. This online course allows you to enjoy a full-day seminar with short sale expert Jacob Swodeck from the convenience of your own home. Learn More & Register Today

AHS – Accredited Home-Staging Specialist

Do you want to help your clients sell their homes faster and for more money? You can by quickly tapping into the power of staging to make every home sell quicker! Take the one-day Accredited Home-Staging Specialist course offered exclusively through RealtyU Schools and learn how to help your clients showcase their house for the best first impression. Learn More & Register Today

ALHS – Accredited Luxury Home Specialist

This sector of the real estate market is often the least affected by the economy. It offers a unique opportunity for agents to develop a highly profitable niche business and tap into an elite market! Jump in by completing the Accredited Luxury Home Specialist designation managed by the Luxury Home Council. The ALHS program provides agents with advanced training in the field of listing and selling luxury homes, and is another exclusive offering of RealtyU Schools. Learn More & Register Today

CNS – Certified Neighborhood Specialist

Consumers have access to more and more information online and are getting better at searching for home buying data. It is crucial that professional real estate agents are aware of what information, facts and statistics are online, where to find them, what they mean and how best to present them to prospective homebuyers and sellers. The one-day Certified Neighborhood Specialist course, brought to you exclusively through RealtyU Schools, teaches and certifies that you are a knowledgeable, trusted and professional agent in your neighborhood. Learn More & Register Today

CNE – Certified Negotiation Expert

The Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) designation is becoming recognized as one of the top designations in real estate. After you complete our CNE seminar you will be able to confidently negotiate superior win-win outcomes for your clients. The CNE designation has been created so that you can communicate these new skills to your clients and fellow professionals. Use the CNE designation in your marketing to separate yourself from the crowd! Use it on business cards, flyers, marketing brochures, farm newsletters, pre-listing packets, etc. Let your clients know you are the best choice! The CNE seminar includes over 250 pages of negotiation and CNE marketing materials. Learn More & Register Today


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