The Chicago Association of REALTORS® has a full time Professional Standards Director available to answer questions regarding ethical situations and commission issues.

When you have a question, your first place of contact should be your managing broker as your broker is charged by the State of Illinois in running your office and has a vested interest in your career. In the event that you have questions regarding real estate practices or contracts, you would contact Amanda Withrow, our Director of Member Care. Amanda can be reached at 312.214.5501 or via e-mail. Amanda is also available for office meetings and Quadrennial training.

In addition, C.A.R. offers members a dispute resolution process by which to file an ethics complaint or an arbitration request.
File a Complaint Online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do the rules for the Arbitration, Mediation and Ethics complaint process come from?
A: All Professional Standards rules and procedures are set forth in the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual (CEAM).

Q: In order for me to arbitrate does the transaction have to be closed?
A: Yes. For a matter to be arbitrable the transaction must have closed.

Q: Do I have to be the managing broker in order to file an Arbitration Request or a request for Mediation?
A: For a matter to be considered a mandatory arbitration request, the managing broker must be the requesting party.

Q: Does an ethics complaint allow for damages?
A: There are no provisions for damages for an ethics complaint.

Q: If I arbitrate with another broker regarding a monetary dispute as it relates to co op commissions is the Arbitration Award binding?
A: Yes, pursuant to the CEAM (Section 56) the mediation agreement as well as the arbitration award can be judicially enforced in the event the non prevailing party fails to comply.

Q: If I have a dispute with a managing broker of a brokerage who is a member of another board can I still arbitrate or mediate?
A: Yes, pursuant to the Multiboard Agreement you may file the request for arbitration or mediation at your primary board.

Q: If have a complaint about a REALTOR® from another board can I file an ethics complaint? If so, where do I file?
A: Yes, pursuant to the Multiboard Agreement in accordance with the CEAM you may file an ethics complaint at your primary board.

If you or your Broker have questions or need clarification regarding real estate practices or contracts and whether or not to move forward, you have several resources available to you:

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