Tax Strategies for the Real Estate Professional

Course Description

Many of us assume our accountants take care of our taxes... but forget that WE are the ones giving them the numbers and records they are using to prepare our tax return.

This seminar will help identify between $2,500 and $27,000 in NEW deductions that can be used right away to pocket thousands in tax savings. These deductions are based in tax LAW, but presented in simple English that all of us can easily understand.

You will learn:

  • Overview of the Tax Code Changes identified this year to help you become more tax efficient in your business planning for 2013 (Last chance for 2013!)
  • How the 2013 tax law affects purchases of cars, computers and desks, as well as other equipment, for your business
  • Increase your income – How to use the tax side of your business to INCREASE your spendable income in 2013!
  • Entertainment Strategies – 2 remarkable entertainment deductions available to Real Estate Professionals that may surprise you.
  • Double Entertainment Deductions – How to safely transform 50% entertainment deductions into 100% deductions.
  • Audit-Proofing - Documentation tips that will save you time, all the time.
  • Help Your Accountant – How you can help your accountant work more effectively on your behalf.
  • Car Strategies - Six methods that produce Thousands in deductions. PLUS!!! NEW first year auto depreciation deduction UPDATES!
  • Actual Expenses vs. IRS Method Mileage – New $25,000 automobile deductions you don’t want to lose.
  • IRS Audit - Reduce your chances – Red flags to avoid.
  • Home Office Deduction –Why Real Estate Professionals may now safely qualify for this remarkable deduction and how it transforms personal commuting to deductible business miles.
  • Learn how a 105 Medical Plan can turn your family's medical expenses into tax-favored business expenses.

This seminar is presented by Kelly Clark of Bradford and Company, Inc., and excerpted from the Bradford and Company, Inc. Tax Strategies for the Self-Employed audio course (available to register for after the program).

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