Advanced Income Property Analysis

Course Description

Advanced Income Property Analysis is a class designed for the advance, accomplished investment real estate broker, who has competence in calculating Internal Rate of Return, and is fluent in discounted cash flow analysis and a financial calculator.

Instructor: Chip Meyers

Course Content

Topics Covered:

  • Analyzing value and yield in investment properties
  • Seven methods of evaluating value and yield
  • The four most common mistakes made in calculator entry
  • What effect does a changing interest rate environment have on market cap rates and values?
  • Net present value calculation
  • Financial management rate of return
  • Why FMRR is not used with institutional investors
  • Valuing current market deals

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Time: 8:30 A.M. - 6:30 P.M.
Members - $125
Non-Members - $145
9.11.14 C.A.R. Central


Prerequisite for this class is: having previously taken the Income Property Analysis course, or having a good working knowledge of Internal Rate of Return, and compounding/discounting/discounted cash flow analysis with a financial calculator. There will be a review of IRR at the beginning of the class.

Approved for:

This course is licensed for 6 hours of elective continuing education credit.


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