Broker - Managing Broker Proficiency Exam Preparatory Courses

Classroom Courses

More for Managers – Broker to Managing Broker

Are you ready? This is your opportunity for the 4-hour Preparation Class for the Broker to Managing Broker Proficiency Examination. Immediately after the Preparation Class, Brokers will take the Broker to Managing Broker Proficiency Exam.

Join Instructor, Chris Read, CR Strategies LLC, Chairman of the Illinois License law rewrite task force, as she reviews key laws, regulations, risk management tools, and skills that all Brokers active in the marketplace must be aware of and practice on a daily basis to be valuable and professional to their clients.

Course approved 3 hours Elective continuing education credit.

More for Managers

Broker to Managing Broker Licensee Refresher Course

Are you ready? This 4-hour course intends to serve as a refresher for all Illinois real estate brokers, whether experienced or new. It includes the core topics: Law and regulations, agency, and real estate transactions. Specifically, it reviews the critical topics of license law, real property issues, property disclosures, and risk management. It also provides discussion of the critical relationships between consumers of real estate brokerage services and licensed real estate brokers. Finally, it examines real estate transactions, including potential conditions that may arise in relationship to pricing, financing, contracts, and closings. Immediately after the Refresher Course, Brokers will take the Broker to Managing Broker Proficiency Exam.

Includes Illinois Real Estate Licensee Refresher book (a $30 value).

Course approved 3 hours Core B continuing education credit.

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Pass the Proficiency Exam – 100% Money Back Guarantee!

The Center for REALTOR® Professional Development will refund class tuition to any student who does not pass the proficiency exam after completing one of the following preparation courses:

  • Bullets for Brokers and More for Managers
  • Illinois Licensee Refresher Course (Sales to Broker and Broker to Managing Broker)

No questions asked; as simple as that! No better assurance in the industry – we guarantee it!

Refund Process:
The Center for REALTOR® Professional Development will refund the entire class tuition 2-3 weeks after finding out your test results.

Take your class prior to January 31, 2012 for the money back guarantee. Students registered for the above courses will receive their tuition back if they do not pass the proficiency exam.

Online Courses

Broker to Managing Broker Online Review Course

The Illinois Broker to Managing Broker Crammer is designed to help you focus your study on the specific topic areas included on the Broker to Managing Broker Transition Proficiency exam outline and to give you some concrete practice taking multiple-choice tests. The Crammer contains four review modules, each with a targeted set of module review questions on the four broad topic areas: Laws and Regulations, Agency, Real Estate Transactions, and Managing Broker Topics. It also includes unlimited comprehensive practice exams that resemble the content breakdown and types of questions you will see on the proficiency exam.

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