Real Estate Investing

Course Description

Using Funds from IRA, Solo 401(k) SEP IRA, and 401(k) Rollover Accounts

This course will explain how real estate professionals may help their clients invest in real estate using the funds that they (the client) are holding in qualified retirement accounts. Other sources of financing have become less available in recent months, making this class timely. Real estate professionals and their clients will discover alternatives to the stock market for developing retirement savings.

Topics Covered:

  • Why retirement accounts can be used to invest in real estate
  • How real estate is held inside an IRA or other qualified retirement plan
  • Which qualified plans may be used for real estate investing
  • What types of property can or cannot be held inside an IRA
  • The penalties for a making a prohibited transaction in an IRA
  • The impact of fees on a qualified retirement account
  • The differences between a traditional IRA, a Self-Directed IRA, and a Checkbook IRA
  • How to help multiple IRA owners invest in a large project
  • How to use leverage inside an IRA

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