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Hear It Direct: C.A.R. Members Use Discount Code CARHID

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21 Jul 2013 09:00 AM 6:00 PM Northwestern University School of Law's Thorne Auditorium
375 East Chicago Ave.,
Chicago, IL

C.A.R. Member Discount! Use promo code CARHID to register at a discounted price of $120

What if you could get inside the minds of your buyers and sellers? What if you could save thousands of marketing $$$ by realizing that what you assumed was important, this new generation of consumers couldn’t care less about?

Now you can…

Join us Tuesday, August 6 for Hear It Direct: Midwest! It’s your chance to hear the unfiltered voice of the consumer tell you what they want, why they do or do not choose you, which branding/marketing stands out and which is invisible, what they value, what frustrates them, and THEIR view of our role and our industry. It may not be what you think!

Event attendees will get to hear directly from three consumer panels: Buyers, Sellers (a variety of ages and price ranges), and a Gen Y panel. After each panel there will be a Q & A followed by a Wrap-Up discussion where we discuss what we heard, what it all means, and what we can do to make our businesses more consumer-centric so that you can walk away with actionable ideas and a new mindset! AHAs guaranteed!

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