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  • Dec 1Commercial Real Estate: The Insider’s Guide This course deals with the different types of commercial real estate, obtaining financing for commercial real estate and getting started in the area of commercial real estate.
  • Dec 9The Roadmap of a Transaction Do you ever feel lost on your path to a sale and wonder where you went wrong? You’re not the only one. We are offering you an actual “roadmap of a transaction”. That’s right- we have tracked the detailed milestones of successful REALTORS® to show you the way to your destination! No matter if you are buying or selling, this course will lead you to that final transaction. So strap on your seatbelt, and get ready for one of our most anticipated courses yet!
  • Dec 10Real Estate Property Tax Reduction in Illinois

    Property values are down - property taxes are not! What can you do about it?

    Join us and get answers to your questions on how to reduce your Real Estate Property Tax. This seminar is designed to help YOU save money!
  • Dec 12Mediation for Managing Brokers Mediation is C.A.R.’s preferred method of dispute resolution. This intense 4 hour training will give you the necessary tools to help resolve interoffice and interpersonal disputes as well as help sharpen your listening and negotiation skills.
  • Dec 15Instructor Development Workshop - Teaching an Effective Class This course is designed for real estate professionals that would like to earn their license to become a real estate continuing education instructor. In this interactive course students will learn the importance of course objectives and how to write a well-defined objective.

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  • Dec 3Accredited Buyer Representative The goal of the ABR® 2-day designation course is to educate and prepare buyer’s reps to provide the kind of service and fidelity to buyers that sellers have always enjoyed, and to offer methods for building your buyer representation business.
  • Dec 5Broker Price Opinion Resource (BPOR) The one-day BPOR core course is required to earn the certification. The course will explore the multiple uses of BPOS, how they can and cannot be used, and how to filter and select comparables to create expert and precise BPOs.

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